✦ About The Artist ✦

A Little Bit About Me

Hello! My name is Frankii. Yes, Frankii with two "i"s.  I am a Michigan born and raised artist. For as long as I can remember the thing that has brought me the most joy in life is creating artwork. I grew up watching my dad paint as my dad is an artist as well and was introduced to creating work at a very young age. I fell very deeply in love with creating and it has always been a huge part of my life. I started taking my work very seriously in high school and set up my classes so that I was able to allot 6 hours of my  school days (during and after) to creating artwork and practicing my craft. When it was time for me to go to college I decided to go on to complete one year of foundational art studies at Grand Valley State University and the quickly realized that college was not the place for me. I decided to go down a self guided artistic path. The biggest thing I learned in that one year of art school is that you are your own biggest teacher when it comes to developing your work so that is exactly what I set out to do one my own. I decided to go on my own journey towards developing a creative career. For the most part, I would say that I am self taught. My YouTube channel started to gain some traction around the time that I was about to return to my second year of college and I took that as a sign to take the leap into becoming fully self employed and following my dreams. I now currently work as a full time artist, youtuber, and entrepreneur.

I am currently living in Michigan as of right now and there is a lot of beautiful outdoors for me to explore here. When I am not painting, I enjoy hiking, going to the beach, doing yoga, and basically anything relaxing. Wow, this is starting to sound like a dating profile. Oops 

I would categorize my art as surrealism. I gain a lot of inspiration for my work from nature. I get very excited over seeing beautiful landscapes and greenery. Also, I absolutely thrive when I am in a greenhouse. Want to see and excited Frankii? Take me to a greenhouse. I love all plants and animals and that is why most of my work revolves around them. Something you see very commonly in my work is mushrooms and it seems to be what my work is known for now. I have always drawn mushrooms even as a child. I have finger paintings that I made as a child of mushrooms. If you thumb through some of my earliest sketchbooks from elementary and middle school there are mushrooms in them. I have always been drawn to depicting them in my work and they still appear in the majority of things that I create today. Do they have any sort of meaning? No, I am just deeply drawn to them for some reason and they have just become a huge part of my body of work.

Art to me is a very deep and personal experience. When you are viewing a piece of art, you are viewing something that was created in someones mind and they attempted to make that vision external for the world to see. Of course, a vision from our mind will most likely never be perfectly physically replicated depending on a number of things such as skill level, mediums that we choose to create with and so on. Art really is just our own interpretation of a product of other people's visions and that is so beautiful to me. It’s another form of communication. Art is a language that we all speak to some extent. We all see art differently because well, we are all different, and my favorite thing about being an artist is hearing how other people see and feel when experiencing my work.


I am not sure where this whole art thing will take me, but I am very grateful that you are here experiencing it with me!