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Tattoo Ticket! 🏷🧚🏼💖

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If you would like to get my work tattooed I please ask that you purchase a tattoo ticket! 🏷🧚🏼

Most tattoo artists want to know that it's okay to use another artists work on a client, and this ticket will provide you with the permission to use one of my existing artworks for a tattoo. 


1. One ticket = one tattoo

2. Use the email receipt of the purchase confirmation as permission slip to show tattoo artist.

3. You are not buying the artwork or physical copy of the artwork or an actual physical ticket. Besides permission, this is solely a form of "gratuity" for the effort and work put into making the original artwork you want to use as a tattoo-design.

4. Buying this ticket does not give you any rights over the artwork nor the exclusive tattoo rights for the artwork you chose. (others can still get the same artwork you chose tattooed as well). This ticket also does not entitle you to commissions or alterations done by me.

5. Your tattoo artist may change little details for tattoo suitability but please don't do any major changes on the artwork.

6. I will not be providing high res images of the artwork, you are free to use existing  images & scans I have posted on my social media.

7. If a picture of the finished tattoo is posted anywhere you or your tattoo artist must credit me

@wandering.theforest Instagram 

@frankiishirey TikTok & Twitter


Thank you for your support & for choosing my work to be a permanent part of your body! 💖 


All of my original work is created using high quality archival material. I want my work to out live me - so I create it as such.


Please note that some items may arrive in separate packages due to fulfillment location and or item measurement. Art By Frankii has multiple fulfillment locations. If you have received some of the items you have ordered and not others, please know that these items are not lost or forgotten and have been sent out separately. All orders processed will be shipped out. Please expect 3-5 business days for your order to be packed and shipped.

✦Currently Not Accepting Comissions✦

At this current point in time, I am not accepting commissioned work requests. I will open my commissions back up in the near future but as of the current moment I am working to expand my body of work and discover my style on a deeper level.

"Hey Frankii, what type of ____ are you using?"

Since a lot of my audience are artists as well, I very frequently get asked about what supplies I use to create my work. Here are some answers to some of the most common ones.

  • What Type Of Paint Do You Use?

    For the majority of my work I am painting in acrylic. The only brand of acrylic that I use currently is Golden Paints heavy body acrylic.

  • What Type Of Brushes Do You Use?

    I use all sorts of brushes from very cheap Walmart brushes all the way up to some higher end ones I have treated myself to. I personally do not believe your brushes make that big of a difference in your work, it's how you use them.

  • What Type Of Easel Do You Have?

    Every time I post a piece on my easel I seem to be getting asked this question... which is a lot! It is a Mabef M-06 Studio Easel but I think any H-Frame easel will do the job just fine.

Hey You! Don't Forget To Take Time To Be Creative Today

This is your sign to go do something creative. Studies have shown that creative people are happier, healthier, and more compassionate than their non-creative counterparts. Doing something creative every day can quite literally change your life, so don't forget to make time for it!

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